Design, Organize, Deploy

NuboTed is a next generation tech consulting firm. We offer a unique blend of Cloud, Data and design capabilities, improving traditional consulting to deliver important value to our clients.

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Design, Reshape, Reboot

Sia Partners is a next generation management consulting firm. We offer a unique blend of AI and design capabilities, augmenting traditional consulting to deliver superior value to our clients.

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Our Founder

The founder Teddy WAGNAC created NuboTed, Ltd in 2022. A tech guy and serial entrepreneur, he comes from France, where he supported more than 30 firms to move to Cloud Computing over the course of 10 years.

Nubo, meaning Cloud, comes from the Esperanto language. Teddy strongly believes that, nowadays a powerful company uses cloud computing smartly and efficiently.

Teddy Wagnac

News - NuboTed and DataGalaxy US

DataGalaxy provides a lightweight data catalog to help industries handle their data and share knowledge in a company.
With this partnership, NuboTed will continue to help its clients not only with Cloud Computing but also to become data driven.


News - NuboTed and JEMS Group US

JEMS Group is a data consulting firm. With these teams, JEMS helps corporations to configure, design and exploit their modern data stack. With this partnership, NuboTed will get more qualified manpower to support its clients in the US and in Europe.

Our Projects

You will find some of our main projects managed by our consultants. This list is not exhaustive.

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Cloud Product Manager

For one of the biggest players in the insurance industry, our consultants help the firm to move to public and private cloud computing.


DevOps Team Lead

For this international company, our consultant manages the DevOps Team to configure automation for all tech teams in the organization.


Tech Lead DataLake

For this petroleum company, our consultants help the data team to configure data lakes in cloud computing.


Cloud and Data Engineers

For one of the biggest players in the luxury industry, our consultants work with the cloud and data departments to improve daily usage.

Our Expertises

In order to specialize in important topics, we decided to take projects only in these areas.


With more than 10 years in this field, we can help all kinds of industries to move, configure, deploy or secure their cloud computing. We have already worked with all different cloud providers such asAWS, Azure or GCP. We have also completed important projects in the private cloud with IBM and Oracle.

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With more than 7 years in this field, we are also part of a project to build a solution to audit data lakes and build data catalogs. We also decided to build strong partnerships with powerful software companies to help our clients become data driven.

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All our projects are in Agile mode and DevOps method. We strongly think this is the best way to deploy and manage a cloud infrastructure.The idea is to be scalable and bring added value frequently to end-users.

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TEDWAG Partners Expert en Cloud computing


TEDWAG Partners: Committed to your unique cloud migration journey

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